Policy Club

Policy Club

About Us

We are a group of professionals that love California and are united by a set of common values and beliefs:

  • Public policy should not be outsourced to lobbyists or special interests.
  • Technology can make a difference, but lines of code alone won’t solve problems. We take a holistic approach to challenges to tackle them from every angle.
  • Dissent and discussion allow democracy to thrive and we want to listen to every community and hear all sides of the debate.

Policy Areas

We’re focusing on the following three policy areas in 2018:


We believe that housing is a human right and every Californian should be able to afford to live in their own neighborhood. We've analyzed the legislative housing package working its way through Sacramento.


How do we reduce congestion in LA county? How can data help inform our transportation policy?


We have drafted a series of policy recommendations that would make Los Angeles the nation’s first “Digital Sanctuary City”, protecting the privacy and 4th amendment rights of both our documented and undocumented residents.

Recent Work: SB 827

With the potential to be the most impactful housing legislation since 1978's Prop 13, here's our take on this proposed legislation.

Join the Conversation

Our members consist of folks who love data science, interaction design, development, communications and public policy. Find us on Twitter.